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No Boss Testimonials 1.1.1
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Use a complete testimonials solution with the option for your users to send data directly through your website as text, photo or video. Choose one between various ready to use layout options and set the display according to your need.

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Version 1.1.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2019-11-02
Website JED Developer No Boss Technology
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 22.90 $ EUR

Submission form

Provide a form on your website so the user can submit a testimonial.

Display data

Choose which personal data, from student and professionals will be asked and displayed.

Testimonial groups

Set forms, display data and layouts for each section of the site.


Enable testimonials moderation and be warned by email when there be a new submission through website.

User photo

Allow photo submission with resources for security validation, resizing and preview.

Display order

Define if the testimonials will be displayed randomly, by creation order or manually.


Start with a ready to use theme that most adapts to your needs.


Obtain great results in mobile and desktop with settings by screen resolution.

Unlimited items

Do more in your site creating as many records as you want.

Infinite possibilities

Customize the layout editing fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacings and much more.

Constant updates

Get access to the release of new themes and resources.

Performance and security

Use an extension developed and tested within performance and security requirements.

SEO and acessibility

Make use of scripts developed and tested to be accessible and optimized to search engines.

Qualified support

Be served by a support team with more than ten years experience in Joomla.

And much more!

Set touch screen options, gradient colors, auto play, image filters, among others.

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