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J2Store Usergroup Change 1.2
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Add customer to one or more different Joomla user groups after he successfully paid for the order. The app will be very helpful when you wanted to give specific items that are accessible to specific items (like articles or access to an extension, a gallery or a third party download manager)

A real time example: Paid content. Customers can access the content only after making the payment as the content will be accessible only to a specific user groups.

You can do quite a lot of things using the Joomla ACL, J2Store and the App

Key features

  • Allows you to choose one or more user groups per product
  • Automatically adds the customer to the groups specified in the items in an order. If multiple items with multiple groups found in the same order, the app detects and adds the customer to all the allowed groups.

IMPORTANT: In the app settings, set the order status to CONFIRMED.

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