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SD Live CCK Field for SEBLOD 2.6.0
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SD Live CCK Field allows you to use any field value from the main article on your page as a live value.

SD Live CCK Field is a Live Value plugin that allows you to grab the value of any field in your main article and use it as a live value. The result is an endless list of possibilities for creating custom and tailored search and list views.

The most common usage scenario of this plugin is to use it in a list module to match the results to a specific field value from the main article.


After installing the SD Live CCK Field plugin, a new option will be available from the Live Type dropdown list when creating a new search / list content type. Select SD Live CCK Field from the list, it will be found under the SD Plugins subheader. 

You will then need to click the 'configure' link to the right. A popup window will open with one field only, this is the CCK Field option. It is in this field that you type the identifier name of the field (eg art_title) in the main article who's value you would like to use as the live value to perform your match.

Important Note on Usage

SD Live CCK Field does NOT work when there are multiple articles listed on the page, i.e in blog view etc. It works when there is a single full article view, and another search list used (as a module or not, it does not matter).

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SD Live CCK Field for SEBLOD 2.6.0
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