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AUP Jomsocial Activity Suite bundle 1.1
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Bundle of admin module and Jomsocial plugins to have Jomsocial and AltaUserPoints points rules interact with each other.

Bundle contains:

  • mod_importJomSocialRules.zip : An admin module to be set to the 'AltaUserpoints cpanel' module position. when clicked, it will look through every component folder looking for jomsocial_rule.xml files to import Jomsocial rules as AUP rules. After installation, in the modules manager, filter the list by 'administration' (not 'site') to find the module and enable it and set it up to the correct module position: altauserpoints cpanel.
  • plg_getPointsInAUPonJSActions.zip : This is a Jomsocial plugin that will trigger the corresponding AUP rules when a Jomsocial rule is called to affect points.
  • plg_altauserpoints_aupinactivitystreamjomsocial.zip : An AltaUserPoints plugin to add AUP activities to the Jomsocial activity stream.
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AUP Jomsocial Activity Suite bundle 1.1
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