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EVO Frontpage Pro 5.0
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EVO frontpage is a powerful module for Joomla that shows articles with thumbnails (if you want) at a side and with a very nice style.

It is fully customizable to set WHAT and HOW must be displayed.

This module is based on original 'Mini Frontpage'; but EVO frontpage is lighter (kilobytes), more powerful, with a nicer style, with errors fixed and with more functions and improvements added.

Views 2,071 Downloads 25
Version 5.0 Created
System Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3 Changed 2017-04-28
Website JED Developer EVO Frontpage
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 4 € EUR
  • Button to select which CSS style file to use
  • Field to specify the allowed HTML labels or codes
  • Responsive CSS design for mobile or small screen devices
  • Compatible with special language characters (Russian, Greek, Arabian, Spanish...)
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x versions in one unique installer
  • Set thumbnails as clickable links or not clickable "plain" images
  • Select to open links (Title, Category, Thumbnail and/or Read More button) in same or new window
  • Show or hide Read More button, with custom text to be shown
  • Order articles by: Created date, Most read, Published date, Article title, Article alias, Article ID, Author ID, Category ID, Ordering in Backend, or Random. Ascending or descending
  • Button to easily hide the secondary list of articles, called Other Articles
  • Button to select if you want introtexts to be a clickable link to the article's content
  • Improved response if you have an external image inside your article which has been deleted from its host
  • Support forum in English, Spanish and Italian
  • Dedicated easy to use forums
  • No required registration to download
  • Easily updatable with Auto Update. Go to Extension Manager -> Update, and you will see if there is a newer version available
  • Create thumbnails even if images are placed on external hosts
  • Show a default thumbnail if article hasn't got an image to be thumbnailed. You can change default thumbnail for one made by you
  • Place images where you want into your article's Introtext (Above Read More) or Fulltext (Below Read More) and it will be thumbnailed
  • Select if you want to render the first image of your articles, or the last one
  • Assign a H1-H6 Heading Tag to articles titles, another one to Introtexts and another more to the articles titles shown in the Other Articles list
  • Choose to show category name below article's intro, below article's title (near date and author), or both
  • Show or hide article author. Select author name or username
  • Display articles from category(s) you want
  • Include or exclude frontpage featured items
  • Include only articles from the last X days
  • Show or hide articles' titles. Limit (or not) number of characters to be shown
  • Set titles as clickable links or not clickable "plain" texts
  • Show or hide category name on each article, clickable link or not clickable "plain" text. Limit (or not) number of characters to be shown
  • Show or hide date. Select created, modified or published-up date. You can configure a custom date format
  • Limit (or not) number of characters to show as introtext
  • Select 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns display
  • Select how many articles will be shown in a secondary list, without intro nor thumbnails. You can custom the name of this list, for example: "Other Articles..."
  • It searches for images in article's Introtext (Above Read More) to create thumbnails
  • Show or hide thumbnails
  • Create personalized width and height thumbnails or set only width and select "preserve aspect ratio" to auto-set the thumbnail's height
  • Select thumbnail alignment right or left
  • Choose if you want to show thumbnails near the article's intro or near the article's title
  • Easy modifiable language file
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EVO Frontpage Pro 5.0
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