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TrustCard VirtueMart 3.0.1
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Service TrustPay integrates online payments through VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards. It suffices if your customers are in your online platform based platform VirtueMart .Just choose TrustCard as a payment method and pay for the goods by credit card..

Just plug in the Joomla 3 plug-in to get the TrustPay data received from the TrustPay administration and start using it.

Plugin language versions: SK, CZ, GB

The payment plugin has an interface for automatic update from Joomla administration. In this way, we provide customers who have purchased this product in the future automatically and free of charge to update to the latest versions. This plugin is licensed GNU/GPL.

This version of the payment plugin does not support payment authorization.

O TrustPay

TrustPay is a licensed payment institution that specializes in the provision of services in all countries of the European Economic Area. The merchant must have a TrustPay payment account in place to receive payments from his clients. After signing the contract, you will receive a manual detailing the e-commerce communication with the bank. Next, you will receive a merchant identifier and an encryption key. You can request a business account by filling out this form.Payment plugin after releasing the identifier and encryption key subsequently ready for active operation.

Returns for TrustPay

The TrustPay Payment Gateway needs to send feedback (about the state of payment) back to your site, the so-called return URL. When communicating with TrustPay, enter them for : URL, RURL, CURL, EURL, NURL wWhich you can find in the payment plugin administration.

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TrustCard VirtueMart 3.0.1
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