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Compare Desk 1.5
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Don't let your customers lose themselves in a variety of products you have to offer.

Would you agree that product comparison is an integral part of modern shopping cart? Had you ever had yourself to choose from different products? Then this feeling of having many opened tabs and switching between them to read the product differences should be awkwardly familiar to you.

With Compare Desk you can be assured that this issue will be solved and in a most efficeint way.

You may ask: "Why? What could be so special about product comparison extension?". Then read on.

  • Compare Desk is made 99.9% configurable throught back-end with no need to apply any hacks to core files. The only natural need is to embed "Add to compare" checkbox itself into the product form. This is acheived through template override and we have a detailed description to guide you through this.
  • Add to cart button can be configured either to stay on comparison page or proceed to Checkout.
  • Through Compare Desk back-end you can easily choose which parameters to show during comparison and rearragne them by dragging directly with your mouse.
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Compare Desk 1.5
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