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Product Wall for Virtuemart 1.13.1
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The perfect companion for Virtuemart, Virtuemart Product Wall takes your online store to a whole new level!

Entice your customers by showcasing products in a myriad ways using pre-made templates or apply your own custom HTML and CSS to display product images, information and add to cart forms. Set your own selection criteria to build custom product layouts, Top sellers lists, Featured products, Product banners and more. Product can be shown in rows, columns and grids with one or more pages as well as special animation effects for page transitions.

Among its features are:

  • Unlimited products support
  • Supports multiple module copies with different configurations
  • Arrange products in columns, rows and grids with one or more pages
  • 42 button sets included
  • 28 pre-made templates to get you started!
  • 1 handy reference template
  • 35 data tags to display information including image, price, Add-to-cart form and more
  • Configurable date/time and size displays
  • Display Parent, Children or both product types
  • Enable or disable display of products on current category only
  • Filter products by manufacturer
  • Use global filtering options for product selection or set specific products
  • Selectable Discount product filter
  • Selectable "products with image" filter
  • Display current or future available products
  • Optional "minimum stock" product filter
  • Optional Product rating filter with multiple values
  • Custom product description lengths
  • Custom product image size independent from Virtuemart
  • Minimum and Maximum price filtering
  • 5 sort options with ascending and descending modes
  • JXTC Showcase Library for Sliders, Tooltips, PopUps and more animation effects.
  • 100% Joomla Moo compatible effects.
  • customizable Main and More Area HTML/CSS templates
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Product Wall for Virtuemart 1.13.1
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