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JSN Mobilize PRO 1.3.3
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JSN Mobilize helps your website to achieve a better browsing experience by creating an elaborated mobile version for the site. This revolutionary extension guarantees to include a bunch of sophisticated features and enhancement while require minimum technical knowledge from users.


Multiple OS support
Equipped with advanced device detection mechanisms, JSN Mobilize can quickly detect which device visitors are using and provide the prepared profile. You can create multiple profiles with settings suitable for each device.

Enhanced speed load
JSN Mobilize has advanced image optimization and powerful CSS/JS minify function. So the loading time is faster and visitors can feel more comfortable when reading your site.

Intuitive drag-n-drop operation
JSN Mobilize allows you to organize all the appeared elements more visually and easily. You don’t have to worry about the misleading order of template elements. Just create them first then DRAG AND DROP to edit them as you want!

Live preview
In contrast to other Joomla mobile extensions, JSN Mobilize has a Visual Preview function. When you have configured the gallery parameters, you can view it before publishing by using the Live View feature.

Flexible style customization
To help users save time on customization, JSN Mobilize comes with 6 default styles. You are free to design your own style: configure the containers as well as modules. With 30+ simple and effective parameters, JSN Mobilize allows you to create stunning styles with just a few clicks and text input.

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JSN Mobilize PRO 1.1.6
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JSN Mobilize PRO 1.3.3
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