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Advanced Import-Export products from XLS, XLSX, CSV for JoomShopping [COMIEL] 4.9
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The extended import and export of products from XLS, XLSX, CSV in JoomShopping [COMIEL]
Complex import allows to make loading of the products in JoomShopping without necessity of converting a file from MS Exсel in CSV format.
Loading the products (import) in JoomShopping allows to carry out the primary filling of the catalogue with the products, and also to provide updating or addition of the products in the existing catalogue. Updating is made under "Name", " Code of the products ", " ID of the products ".


  • Import of the products from a MS Excel file (Exсel97-2003-file)
  • Supported codings: Windows-1251, UTF-8
  • The Opportunity of flexible adjustment of structure (absence of rigid sequence and presence of columns) of an exported XLS-file.
  • Methods of updating of the products - ID, the Code, the Name.
  • Automatic creation of absent categories, attributes, characteristics, labels, taxes, manufacturers, etc.
  • Support of the enclosure of categories.
  • Support of the multichoice of characteristics
  • Support of the multicategories
  • Support of dependent attributes (everyone to everyone)
  • The Opportunity of depublication of all the products before import.
  • export the products
  • export adjustments
  • Removal of existing images
  • Automatic resizing (change of the sizes) of the miniatures
  • Automatic generation of the pseudonym
  • Import of adjustments of shop (v2.0) - (ATTENTION! Adjustments for import should be necessarily on the second sheet XLS of a file)
  • On the sheet of import (the first sheet of a file) there can be formulas, results of calculations are imported only.


  1.  You can make set of sheets and operate with data which will be deduced on the first sheet as the summary. For example as the second sheet goes a price of the supplier, and on the first sheet all data are deduced by a formula and a column with prices already goes with recalculation of your margin.
  2. You can form the description by the simple formula of connection of the names, a code, the price, the brief description. In the same way it is possible to form the keywords and the titles. At once you import the SEO-optimized products. This excludes necessity of using foreign SEO-optimizers.
  3. Changes of the prices can be made by the simple drag of formulas (for example Cell*1.15 - reassessment on +15 %)
  4. Formation of columns can be adjusted by the sum of values of several cells. For example: attributes are formed as an addition of text data of different cells of other sheet, or the sum of numerals of values.

And than all is limited only by opportunities of MS Excel, your knowledge and imagination.
Before import, be necessarily convinced, that the file is kept in format Exсel 97-2003.
If you expose a method of updating on ID, be convinced, that such ID are already exist to do updating on them . If such ID does not exist there is nothing to update. And a serial (system) ID will be created by JoomShopping.

We recommend urgently to update under the article (EAN, a code of the products).
As, it is always the one unique code for each type of the products, not connected with the system linkings.

If you place an update method for ID, ​​make sure that such ID is not dead, that on them to upgrade. If this ID does not exist, there is nothing to update. And you will create serial (system) ID, by JoomShopping.

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