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Discount timer module for JoomShopping 4.2
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This solution allows you to specify parameters of the new and the old prices for the goods, indicating the date and time of expiration of the new price. And also take a special motivational module for displaying information to the consumer with respect to the shares and savings by the buyer.

Principle of operation.
User administration panel, in a product details, sets a new price and sets in the special field of the date of expiration.
In the old price indicates the price has been up to this moment.
After this timer in the module, there is a selection of goods for display.

Selecting items from the list in the module and publish it in needed module-position of Web-site a complete online marketing solution to boost sales of certain products. The module displays:

  • The image of the goods;
  • The current price of the goods;
  • The old price of the goods;
  • Savings % ;
  • The amount of savings;
  • The available number of goods in a stock;
  • Allows you to bring two specified message.

After the expiration date of the time the goods in the setting product / achievement count of goods in stock 0
Module will not displayed.
In the current price of the item card is automatically prescribed to older (as in force before the action)
List price is prescribed to be 0
The timer is exposed to 0.
The products with expiration date not show for choice in a module.

The addon does not change the core component.
Easy to install. (Edit anything in the code is not necessary)

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