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Composer App integration for Joocial 8.28.0
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Composer App is a brand new mobile App for Joomla! social management. This plugin integrates AutoTweetNG PRO and Joocial for Joomla! CMS with Composer App (Android or iOS).

Our social mobile app is the next stage of channel management for Joomla!. It is ready to provide new advanced features for communities, powered by mobile added-value services. From Joomla! extensions, content items can be directly published via mobile sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp (or any other application ).

n a nutshell, Joocial Composer App has the core features needed to create and publish posts from Joomla!

  • Control Panel and Stats: A control panel, to show general operation stats.
  • Composer Editor: An advanced form to enter or edit social posts, with custom control types.
  • Requests management: A list of requests, for navigating and managing Waiting posts.
  • Posts management: A list of posts, for navigating and managing the processing of social posts.
  • Mobile Sharing for Joomla!: This is a native sharing window for mobile devices. It supports Facebook ( Requires App Review), Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more .

From a technical point of view, it is powered by JoomGap. JoomGap is a solution to integrate hybrid mobile apps and Joomla! on OAuth secured communication. Management permissions are granted via token access, generated with an OAuth authentication. The username and password are NOT stored in the mobile app. This plug-in is required to open a secure communication channel with AutoTweetNG PRO or Joocial.

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