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RSForm! Pro Advanced Form Fields 3.0.0
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The RSForm!Pro Advanced Form Fields plugin expands the already robust set of form components. Read on to find out the new fields you can use to give your forms a more unique look & functionality.

  1. Switch - with this field you can add a switch-like button in your form.
  2. Rating Field - visual stars rating element.
  3. Full Screen Textarea - textarea field that allows you to display its contents in a modal window.
  4. Color picker - color picker field that allows choosing a color.
  5. Selectize field - an advanced dropdown-like field that allows users to both search for a particular value from the items list and also select multiple values in a tag like display.
  6. Styled Checkbox - a checkbox with a more stylish display for the items input field.
  7. Styled Radio - radio group with a more stylish display for the items input field.
  8. Date Dropper - date selection calendar with a unique look.
  9. Time Dropper - time selection field with a visual clock display.
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